Mazatlan beach

Mazatlan Beach

Hi to everybody. My name is Ruben and I was born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa Mexico. All the people that were born here are given the nickname Pata Salada, that`s why I created the thesaltyfeet Web page. I enjoy playing video games, watching movies and tv series. I`m also a big fan of Anime.

I will be writing about 3 very important topics for me:


My birth city is one of the best cities in Mexico to spend a vacation. We have Sand, Sun, and Ocean.  Very large beaches and the seafood is one of the best, if not the best, of all Mexico.

Also, Mazatlán is an old city and we have a lot of historical buildings that you can appreciate. And if the beach and the city sights are not enough there are some surrounding towns that offer tourists more of the old architecture of Mexico and some unique restaurants that you won’t find anywhere in the world.

Making Money Online

I used to work 25 years in a telecommunication company, but after a cut out I was fired. This was a life-changing moment in my life. Right now I am in the processes to become financially free. I have to provide for my family so I`m looking in ways of making money online, and I will be sharing them in this website. There are a lot of ways of making money online but also there are many scams, so we have to be careful in what we do.

Weight loss

Another important topic for me as I am overweight. I need to change my life habits and have a healthier way of life. There are a lot of things that I didn’t know about the food we usually eat. Foods that we may think that are healthy but in reality, are slowing killing us. This is not just to have a diet, is more like a finding a new way of life to be healthier and to feel good about yourself.  I will be posting all the tips and information to have a healthier life in the weight loss category.

Feel free to contact me here for whatever reason.

Here is my contact information if you prefer mail.

Ruben Narcio Salgado

Rio Baluarte 405 Col. Ferrocarrilera

Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico C.P. 82013


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