There are a lot of things to do in Mazatlan, like going to the beach. You can check my article Mazatlan Attractions, here I enlist some of the most famous places in Mazatlan,  but if are willing to explore a little you can find some nice towns around Mazatlan like Villa Union and Concordia.

These towns are south from Mazatlan, so let’s start from the nearest one.

Villa Union

Google Maps:,+Sinaloa/Mazatl%C3%A1n,+Sinaloa/@23.2214533,-106.4550906,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x869f4963439fbf1f:0x300082a04fd5ecae!2m2!1d-106.2177141!2d23.1898592!1m5!1m1!1s0x869f5341681837c1:0x62a4c4aaf13c72b2!2m2!1d-106.4111425!2d23.2494148!3e0


Villa Union was founded in 1576. It has around 17,000 people living here. It is located 24 km from Mazatlan.



So, why come here?  You can feel the country look of this town, the people are very friendly, and here is one of the most famous seafood restaurants of Mazatlan: El Cuchupetas.

Many people from Mazatlan make the trip to this town only to eat the tasty dishes that they serve here. A lot of famous people have come here to eat, even Presidents of Mexico, famous artists and a lot of important people. You can find pictures of the owner with these especial customers all over the restaurant.

Why the people of Mazatlan like this restaurant?

It has fresh seafood. They serve a dish made from river shrimps call Cauques, they are bigger than the normal shrimps and smaller than lobsters. The Cauques are very tasty.

Some of my favorites dishes here are a crab in garlic sauce, the Cuchupetas oysters and the fried fish with garlic on top. (pictures).

This restaurant is almost always full, you may have to wait a few minutes to get a table, but it usually doesn´t take long before the waitress calls your name and give you a table.

I recommend having some beers with your seafood. There is a local factory in Mazatlan where the Pacifico beer is made. It is a Pilsner type beer and it is a great companion to seafood.

After you finish your meal you can buy some typical cookies and candies like coricos, cocadas (a sort of candy made from coconut), and empanadas that can contain pineapple marmalade or cajeta.

I have an advice to you, if you ever come to this restaurant in the company of four people or more, ask for the dishes to be put at the center of your table, so you can share the dishes among all people and this way everybody gets to eat a little bit of several dishes. An example of this will be an order of ceviche de camaron (shrimp), pulpo (octopus) para picar, a dozen of cuchupetas oysters and a 1.5 kg fried fish. Believe me, you will end fully. And don´t forget to ask them for the salsa molcajeteada (molcajete sauce), since it is the perfect companion to the fried fish. You can make some tacos from the fried fish (the tortillas are homemade).  Another great dish for making tacos is the crab in garlic sauce.

For more information on seafood restaurants, read my article Where to eat the best seafood in Mazatlan

You will love this restaurant as the locals already do.


Concordia is 46 km south from Mazatlan

Google Maps:án/Concordia,+Sinaloa/@23.2477907,-106.3131088,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x869f5341681837c1:0x62a4c4aaf13c72b2!2m2!1d-106.4111425!2d23.2494148!1m5!1m1!1s0x869f3497e2147e3b



It was founded in the year of 1565, it has approximately 10,000 habitants. There were a lot of mines around this town. Today it´s economic is based in agriculture.

When traveling from Mazatlan to Concordia, it is better if you take the freeway to Durango instead of the new paid highway. It is a short travel and you will find some things along the way.

As I said, Concordia economic is based on agriculture, and it is one of the top producers of Mango and Plum of the state of Sinaloa.  Along the path to Concordia, you will find several vendors of Mango and Plum. You can get 5 Kg of Mango as cheap as 1.5 US USD.

Another important economic activity is the creation of furniture. Here you can find very good carpenters that make some of the best colony style furniture. The most important think about this furniture is that they are made from good quality wood, as mahogany wood, rosewood, and cedar.

This furniture can last a lifetime, not as the modern furniture made from chipboard that are less expensive than real wood furniture and if it gets wet it will puff up and will crumble.

As you can see in the pictures, these are beautiful furniture.  These have a cost around 1,100.00 US dlls each (complete sets). The rocking chairs are also great and very lasting. IF you want a furniture with a special design they can make it.

This furniture shops are located just at the outskirts of Concordia.

Just as you enter the town, continue for a few more blocks until you see an entrance arch. Here turn towards the town and continue a few more blocks until you reach a park and the town´s church. Park your car and walk to the park.

In one of the corners of the park you will see a little shop called “Refresqueria Teresita”. This place is very famous in Mazatlan because here are made the best “raspados” (ice scrapped).  You can ask any Mazatlan´s citizens about the “raspados de Concordia” and they will tell you about them. They combine the scraped ice with a special homemade syrup. I haven´t taste anything like this anywhere else. Of course you can find this kind of iced drink with street vendors in Mazatlan but the quality of the syrup has no comparison with the one they sell here. You can order a “raspado” of milk, my favorite (it is made from whole milk), or a fruit syrup like pineapple or plum, or a combination of the two (milk and fruit).

Here is a picture showing how the scrapped ice is made.



As you can see in the pictures they were delicious, me and my family really enjoyed them and I am sure you will have the same opinion if you ever try one of these.

In the park you can find a BIG rocking chair and a mine car, paying tribute to the Concordia´s carpenters and the mining history this town has. Also, you can find the Catholic Temple Iglesia de San Sebastian. It is an old church (1785) with beautiful interiors. The Government Palace is also in front of this park.


You can buy some souvenirs that are handmade from a type of wood that the craftsman say that you can even put these souvenirs inside a fishbowl and they don´t degrade over time.



One last thought:

Around Mazatlan you can find some amazing towns with their unique characteristics, in the south of Mazatlan you can find Villa Union with the Cuchupetas restaurant (one of the best in Mazatlan, Villa Union is part of Mazatlan municipality), Concordia with the Mangos, Plum, the tasty “raspados” and their great carpenters, and in the north of Mazatlan you can find the magic town of El Quelite, and I will be doing a post of this town too.

Once you have finished exploring around Mazatlan, don´t forget the Mazatlan beaches, and if you don´t like seafood, then you can visit Best Mazatlan restaurants. And don´t forget to listen to the local banda music, because Mazatlan is the land of banda music

Please leave me your opinion in the comments section.

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  • Osias

    I appreciate the full description you give us about Mazatlan. I very like the dishes , and my favorite fruit is not expensive (mango)
    Hope one day I can visit this place to discover the life over there .

    • Ruben Post author

      I hope you can come sometime, it really is nice place for vacation, summer or winter. The temperature never drops below 12 Celsius degrees in winter, almost always is around 25 to 33 Celsius (hot) but is perfect for visiting the large beach that we have.

  • Tom

    Hi there, Mazatlan seems very interesting. I’m sure it would be great to visit there. The food sounds very good. A very interesting post, thanks for sharing.

    • Ruben Post author

      We already have a lot of visitors right now, and there is a large group of US citizens living here since it is a nice place for people that are retired. Hope you can visit us sometime.

  • Anika

    This was a very educational and interesting article, with wonderful pictures. I love the brightly colored buildings in Concordia. Your restaurant information made me want to visit there immediately ….it looks and sounds so good. Thanks for your lovely website.

    • Ruben Post author

      You will be welcome any time if you chose to visit us. There are more places that I will be reviewing. Mazatlan is really a great place to visit and to live.

  • Jamie

    Hola Ruben! Just wanted to say that I loved your article. The way you write make me almost feel like I can hear your voice. This really makes me want to go down to Mazatlan and try those raspados de Concordia! Sounds so delicious! Thanks for sharing all of this. Also, sorry I would not probably buy any furniture, but I know a lot of people probably would. My grandparents have furniture in a similar style in their home. Good luck with trying to sell some here, and I look forward o reading future posts from you.

  • Jacquie

    Oh wow, what a wonderful description of Mazatlan, I would love to visit! It reminds me a lot of where I was born and grew up in – your writing took me right back, so that it felt like home.

    The food looks amazing, and your ‘Salty Feet’ web name makes it even more irresistible. So glad I found your site!

    • Ruben Post author

      I´m glad I can be of help. Mazatlan is a very nice place to spend a vacation, the prices of the food and hotels are cheap and the people is very nice to tourists. 

  • Toni

    Interesting read on Mazatlan and the surrounding area. The food looks delicious, I am glad you included pictures, as I don’t think words would do the dishes justice. Concordia’s furniture is beautiful! It has an old world charm to it that is very popular in the United States right now.

    • Ruben Post author

      I`m going to open an online store and try to sell these furniture in the USA. The seafood in Mazatlan is one of the best of Mexico, there are so many good seafood restaurants, and the one in Villa Union is famous in Mexico.

  • Karen Forsman

    OMG, I’m so pleased I found your website! We have just returned from a trip overseas to Thailand, and I’ve got the travel bug! Villa Union in Mexico is definitely going on my wish list! The Oysters at El Cuchupetas look amazing. In fact it all looks wonderful from the perspective of a foodie like me :). Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers, Karen

    • Ruben Post author

      You will be surprise on how much tasty food you can find here in Mazatlan, there are a lot of good seafood restaurants, among the ones you can find in the street where you can eat REAL Mexican tacos. Hope you can visit us soon.

  • John Rico

    Hey there! I’m planning to visit mexico and I found your article very informative and interesting. I don’t know any places to go in mexico luckily I found your article about it. Villa union and concordia are very interesting places. But I have problem I only have limited money to spend. How much do you think money should I prepare?

    • Ruben Post author

      You don´t need a lot of money. there are a lot of hotels in Mazatlan, some of them are very cheap, and you have the advantage to have USA dollars. I think a dollar is around 17 Mexican pesos, so if you get a hotel that costs around 1000.00 pesos you will be paying 59 dls a night.The food is also very cheap, so it all depend of how many days you plan to stay. Hope to see you soon here¡