I love pets, and in particular, I love dogs. There has always been one around me or my family for as long as I can remember. There are awesome stories about the unconditional love of our furry friends towards their owners, or how these wonderful animals can help people, like company dogs for blind people or the recent event of Mexico quake where a Labrador dog (Frida) become famous for finding people who were trapped behind all the rubbish of the fallen buildings.



But having a dog means we have a responsibility with our pet. It has needs that we need to fulfill in order that we can have a happy pet and in return, having a bond with it that can be very rewarding. If you have kids then the benefits will be greater, your kids will learn to respect and love animals and this will make them more empathic to the people that surround them.

One of the needs that dogs have is to walk outside of the home, and this can be very beneficial not only for your dog but for you or anyone that takes the dog for walking.

The top benefits of walking your dog for you and for your pet are:


Improve you and your dog´s mental and physical health

Jogging with your dog

Jogging with your dog

There are countless of information about the benefits of doing exercise, and taking a 30-minute walk is very good for your health, and if you do it with your dog it will receive the same benefits. Also getting out of your confined space makes your dog very happy, and did you know that walking can help people reduce or eliminate stress or depression? As you can see not only your dog can have a benefit for taking a walk, also the person that takes your pet out will feel better and healthier.

Weight Control:

Fat dog

Fat Dog

Keeping a good diet and doing exercise are the only two ways to start losing weight, so taking a 30-minute walk can do wonders for your health, and our dog´s health will also improve, they need to do exercise in order to keep them fit, and if your dog has been sterilized then the exercise is a must. Have you seen fat dogs and how much unnatural that is? If you think that they are happy this way then you are very wrong, they are happy when they do dog´s things like getting out to explore the world, to smell and to see.

If you want to start a weight loss regime, then exercise is a must, and it is more easy for you to commit to starting walking on a daily basis if you have a second goal like taking your dog out.

Improve the digestive system

Smiling dog

Smiling dog

There is an old habit that my grandparents always did and advise to do, take a walk after eating to improve your digestion. Is this true? Well, scientists have made some studies and the results are as follows:

Taking a walk after a meal helps to reduce glucose on blood, reducing the risk of a heart problem and diabetes.

It stimulates your midsection making for a faster bowel movement

So it really is good to take a walk for improving your digestion, especially after a big meal. And don´t think that these same benefits don’t apply to your dog, so go and grab a leash and take a walk with your fur friend.

Helps to avoid destructive behavior

Bad behavior

Bad behavior

Do you have small kids or know someone that does? Or maybe your kids are bigger now, but you did go through this phase. Small kids have A LOT OF energy, they are always running, jumping, grabbing things, etc., but if you take your kid to the park, for example, he/she will run and jump until is tired and after returning home your child will be quieter. Exactly the same happens to your dog, they need to discharge all of their energy in order to keep a stable behavior.

There are some dog breeds that have more energy than others, like German Sheppard, Doberman, and Dalmatia. Also, small dogs have a lot of energy too.

The same applies to you, after a 30-minute walk you will have use energy that if not given a proper direction can lead to unwanted actions.

Enhance your bond with your dog and win your pet´s trust.

Dogs love to take a walk, and the person that takes them out will be a very important one for them, they will relate you with the walking activity. Also, by controlling and using the leash correctly you will be teaching your dog how to behave in certain conditions. Try to teach your dog how to take a walk without pulling.

Improves Socialization

Love and dogs

Love and dogs

While taking a walk with your dog there is a high probability that you will find some other people doing the same thing, and dogs love to smell, play with new fur friends. It is very important for them to learn how to socialize with other dogs, you can avoid some very unwanted behaviors, like being aggressive to other dogs. This is better if you take a walk with your dog as soon as you can if your dog is a puppy it will learn to socialize with other dogs more easily.

And of course, you will have the opportunity to meet new people in this process, if you are single you may find a person of your opposite gender walking his / her dog, and who knows, probably you will share more than your love for dogs ¡¡¡


Letting your dog being a … dog

Dog sniffing

Dog sniffing

When you take a walk with your dog it will start doing dog stuff, like smelling any place where other dogs may have walked, and by saying “hello” to them by peeing where they walked by, and if your dog is a male, they love to “mark” territory.


In order to take a walk with your dog, you will need a leash. If you don´t have one or you just want or need to change it please read my article



As you can see, not only you will be making your dog healthier and happier, but you will also be healthier and happier when you walk with your dog. Dogs can be wonderful friends, and when they join a family they become part of that family.

Please let me know your experiences from walking with your dog in the comments section.


Your friend



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I was born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. I am an Electronic Engineer and father of three beautiful kids, two males and one female. I like movies, tv series and console games. I am an entrepreneur and blogger and I want to help people to realize their dreams.

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  • Paul

    Really like your post. I no longer have my dog, So now when I walk on my own people don’t really react with you like when you have a dog !
    Plus when I had my little Jack Russell, I would walk further and not even realized how far I had walked. Not the same now without the dog.
    Unless you’ve has dogs I guess people won’t know what I mean ?
    Great information. Maybe save some people & dogs putting too much weight on ?

  • Epic

    Informative Article. I really learnt new things here, and the benefits of walking your dog can not be over emphasized. Especially in the area of socialization, it helps you dog blend to certain environment and people, which helps to reduce the aggressive nature in some dogs.

  • Rob

    Great post. This gives me the motivation to walk my dog more often. She needs the exercise and to be healthy and happy just like we all do. Thanks for sharing.

  • Agnes

    You are so right about all of the benefits that come with having a pet. I have had 2 dogs in my life… it was definitely rewarding, but since they passed I just haven’t come around to having another one. Maybe now that my 5 year old wants one so badly I will consider adding another canine member to the family.

    • Ruben Post author

      Dogs are a great addition to any family, they become part of a family if you let it in. Also they are great companions to any kid, I hope you find the one perfect for your family.

  • Celeste

    Great article! I have always wanted a dog, but been a bit to volatile to settle down and actually get one. I totally agree that a dog can help you to stay active, healthy, and social mentally and physically. This is why I want one! One day I will get one..

    • Ruben Post author

      I hope you find the right one for you, and you don´t even have to spend  a lo of money, you can go with one animal shelter, not only you will receiving an unconditional friend but you will also be saving one from be putting to sleep.

  • Ronnie

    I agree. A lot of people just get dogs and don’t realize they are social, they need exercise and they are responsible for their diets. You raised some very helpful things for dog owners to take heed to. And that overweight dog, I never saw anything like it.

    • Ruben Post author

      Poor animal, that´s so unnatural. We have to be responsible owners, dogs are part of the family, there is no way I would that to any of my kids. Besides, walking your dog gives benefits to the person that goes with the dog, is a gain – gain situation.

  • Edrian

    I haven’t walked my dog in awhile so this made me aware to walk my dog asap. Although we do have a big front lawn in where they can run and do their business but I like them roaming around places that are more vast. I know a path I can walk my dog for 30 min maybe I should walk all 3 of them at once.

    • Ruben Post author

      That´s an excellent idea. They love to be together, it´s more fun to them. A 30-minute walk is a perfect way to do exercise for you and your dogs, plus they love to explore.

  • s

    That poor obese dog in that picture. That terrible! It is so unhealthy. It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owners. I actually just starting walking dogs to supplement my income. It’s a great way to get in some extra exercise.

  • Cathy

    Besides making my dog happy and fit, I think the one who’s benefiting from the walking is actually me. When you have a tough day at work, a short walk (even for 10 minutes) can do wonders to the body and mind.

    I always look forward to walking my doggie. Seeing her bounce around takes my busy mind away and that can be quite a relief.