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There are several ways of MAKING MONEY ONLINE, like e-commerce (HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON) or the stock market (WHAT IS THE STOCK MARKET), but one of the more secure ways to make money online is Affiliate marketing.

Why? Because on e-commerce you need to invest in a product that you are going to sell, and if that product doesn´t sell as you have expected, you are going to lose money. Another reason is competition. If you want to sell through Amazon or eBay you will find that there are a lot of new sellers looking for new products that can be profitable. There is a high chance that some other person will be selling the same product that you do, this makes that your revenue will be small since your price will have to drop to be able to compete.

There is another e-commerce scheme called dropshipping. With this scheme you don´t need to have a stock of a product, instead you open your online store, look for products that you can sell from providers that can deliver that product to your costumer´s door, advertise that product on your e-store an when a client makes a purchase you place an order with the provider of that product and have him/her ship it to your customer address.

This is a more risk-free option to make e-commerce, but you still have to drive traffic to your store, so you have to spend money on advertise. Also, you have to deal with any issues that can arise with your clients, like refunds for not getting their product or for getting a defective product.

On the Stock Market can be very easy to lose money if you don´t know what you are doing. You need to study to understand how it works, and even with knowledge, people can still lose money.

Affiliate Marketing

The most risk-free option to make money online is Affiliate Marketing, Let me explain how it works:

How to make money online

How to make money online

  • You subscribe to one, two or more stores that support Affiliate Marketing, like Amazon, eBay or Wallmart.
  • You look for a product that is sold in these stores.
  • You make an article where you recommend that product, and inside that article, you will include a link to the store where it is sold.
  • Drive traffic to your article and when someone clicks on the link that you provided and makes a purchase you will earn a commission.


As you can see, you don´t have to invest in any product, you will have some expenses but are much lower than any other scheme.

I am sure that you are very interested in this way of making money online, but to achieve your goals you need something: knowledge.

You need to know how to make a Website, how to make blogs, the best practices that will make your WebSite to stand out and, with hard work (this is not a get rich from one day to another, it involves hard work, specialty on the beginning), reach all your goals.

Please, do your self a favor and start studying and practicing and in no time you will be able to reach your goals.

But there is a problem, out there are a lot of options to learn how to do Affiliate marketing, some are legit but some are not. This is why I am making this post, to recommend you the best place to learn online marketing: Wealthy Affiliate

Let me explain why

On most of the places that offer courses, once you buy it, you will get a certain amount of information that you can get online at any time and advance at your own pace, and if you have any doubt you have to contact the administrators of the site and ask your questions. Wealthy Affiliate is more a community of people that are on their own journey to success. You can interact with all of them and everybody can help you. You will never be alone on your journey.



There is a lot of information, not only from the Certification Courses that are the foundation that you built from but from all the members that conform Wealthy Affiliate, everybody can add their grain of sand and the result is amazing.

This is the first course, and it is FREE

Certification course one Wealthy affiliate

Certification course one

As you can see, this first course has enough information to start you rolling 🙂

There are Video Classes, one every Friday, and you can access all the previous Videos, there is a huge amount of information and techniques that you can learn.

Here you can see the latest video-classes (You can only access them as a Premium member)

Video-Classes Wealthy Affiliate


Not only you will learn how to make a Website and profit from it, you will also get all the tools to do it, like the hosting of your website.

Here is where you will create your FREE Domain, and then your FREE WEBSITE so you can start practicing as soon as you start your training.

Free domain creation Wealthy affiliate

Free domain creation

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can start doing for FREE, like taking the first free course and building your first website, and this is only the tip of the iceberg, there are so many other benefits that you will get once you become Premium. Once you complete your first training course you will need to become a Premium member to continue your learning. It has a monthly cost of 49 USD.


Is it worth it? Believe me, it is.


For any entrepreneur that wants to start a business,  the first goal should be the “Know how to”




I spent almost two months searching where I could learn how to make money online, and since I joined Wealthy Affiliate I haven´t stop, I have learned so much and I still have so many things to learn.

If you are serious about making money online, give it a try, remember, you have nothing to lose, you can join for free and after you have interacted with the WA community you can make the choice of continue or search for somewhere else to learn, but, believe me, THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE.







Here is a list of things that you will get upon joining and when you become a Premium Member



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  • Kyle

    Awesome post. Wealthy Affiliate is a pretty cool place. The community is awesome!

    I have always thought about trying the other ways mentioned above. Trading stocks seems like it is pretty risky and I don’t really have the start up funds needed. I like how Wealthy Affiliate is free to try-out and see if you like it.

    The drop market idea sounds interesting but I doubt it is something I will look into.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ruben Post author

      Yes, Affiliate marketing is the most free-risk way of making money online, and there are so many places that don´t fill up the expectations or are a complete scam.

  • Alex

    Wealthy Affiliates is definitely a great place to make money online.

    They offer outstanding content and a really engaging community that will help you to become successful.

    You touched on some really great points in your post, and offer a very convincing reason to join WA.

    Best of luck to your success!

  • Sarah Gaddes

    Very informative article! I like the simplicity and conciseness of it. Makes the world of affiliate marketing easier to break off and chew…also I, too, agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great source of support and info! Highly recommend!

  • Melinda

    Affiliate marketing is often for people who have more time than money. I think the stock market is great for people who have a larger budget and can afford a few losses while they are learning the skill of trading. There is definitely something for everyone. I enjoy writing, and therefore I have loved the community at wealthy affiliate. It keeps me learning affiliate marketing.

    • Ruben Post author

      It´s a great asset to know how to make Websites and profit for them. Even if you do something else than Affiliate Marketing the things that you learn in this community will help you on anything else that you embark with the online world.

  • hong

    great article. I thought you explained it well. I love the fact that you also includes a picture showing how affilate marketing works. I am very visual person. And that was super helpful. I really enjoyed and liked your article a lot. Keep up with the good wok. Thank you!

  • Melani

    Hi, Ruben. I agree with you that affiliate business is very secure, almost no risk. And yes, there is no better place than Wealthy Affiliate to learn about online marketing. If I knew that WA is such a great training earlier I will be the member since I can read and write, lol.

  • Deepika

    Great pitch for Wealthy Affiliate. Also, I must mention that you have compared it well against other online options. Wealthy Affiliate has a great way to ensure that its members are continuously motivated, they keep learning and most importantly, never feel alone in the process by way of continuous support from the WA community.