Do you want to know how to make money online from home?

Here you will learn the truth about making money online, without sweetening anything, in the most popular ways that exist today.

There are several ways to make money online and one of the most popular is e-commerce. In truth, e-commerce is in a stage of growth. We can see this in how they are closing hundreds of physical department stores. In developed countries, this trend is even more marked than in developing countries, as people are more accustomed to the use of computers and smartphones. The increase in operations from mobile platforms has been explosive and is expected to continue growing.

Next, I present an analysis of the 3 main e-commerce platforms that you can embark.




Surely the most popular of the e-commerce platforms is Amazon. This platform has millions of subscribers around the world and in it, you can find practically everything, and with the convenience that the articles are delivered at home, and in most cases, in very short times.
Amazon’s policy is to put the customer first, and if the customer does not like the bought item, the customer can return it very easily, in addition to having a guarantee of 30 days or more for the return of articles.
But how does this work, from the seller’s point of view?
As I said before, here you can find almost everything, so the first challenge that a seller who wants to start here is to find a product to sell and not have so much competition, because here the competition is fierce.
At this point there are two ways to choose, one is to sell branded products, with which the seller would be in direct competition with all the sellers that are selling the same product.
The second way is to choose an unbranded product (you can find many in China) and create your own brand of this product. This does not mean that you will not have competition since there will always be sellers with the same product but with their own brand, or one very similar.
The second problem you will face is the Amazon review system. Most clients only write a review when they have a bad experience or in the worst case, a competitor of yours will buy the product just to be able to do a bad review. They can alter the product and say that after some minutes of use it broke. Imagine the disaster that is that your first review is a negative review.

This is why many recommend that friends, colleagues or family members buy the product and that they leave you a good review since this will help you enormously with sales. This is something that Amazon prohibits, as well as sending free products to people so that in exchange for the product they give you a good review, but almost all sellers do this, and those who do not do it are in a situation of great disadvantage.

If a product grabs traction and starts to sell, the result is like a snowball and success is assured, but if at first, you have few sales, and also someone leaves you a bad review, then you have to take measures to prevent that your products are stuck in the shelves of Amazon.

Unfortunately, many new sellers buy 300, 400 or 500 pieces of a product only to see that after three months they have only sold 50 pieces, and from this point, Amazon will begin to charge storage charges, which increase as the time passes.

At this point, the only choice for the seller is to get rid of the product, either by selling it wholesale to try to recover at least a part of the investment or to destroy the product that is not selling.

If you want to start e-commerce with Amazon, I recommend that you start with a free account and a single product and sending it from home to your customers. This way you will find out how things work on Amazon.

I also recommend that you look for all the information you can, and if possible, buy a course at Udemy. There are certain websites that claim that they have all the information you need to succeed on Amazon, but they are too expensive.


Initial investment
High competition
Own traffic


Own traffic
Once you have started to make good sales, you just need to be aware of taking care of the stock.

Own traffic is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time, because although your product reaches many people, this traffic is not yours, and if you want to change the sales platform, you can not take the traffic with you.




The second e-commerce platform in size and in which thousands of people sell and make profits.

There are two ways in which you can start as an eBay seller. One of them is that you start looking for hidden treasures around where you live, especially in garage sales and second-hand sales. Here you can find products for a minimum amount of money. When you list them for sale on eBay you can have a high-profit margin. Some of the most sought-after items for this type of trade are vinyl records and old video games from Atari, Nintendo and Super Nintendo, as well as vintage items.

This can be a big problem if you are not a resident of the USA or Canada, since shipping costs from any country to the USA or Canada are quite high, and garage sales outside of North America are not so common.

The other option is to make drop shipping and/or retail arbitrage.

Drop shipping is when you buy something in an e-commerce site but ask them to send it to your client. This way you only buy something when someone buys from you, you do not handle stock. This is very common with Chinese e-commerce sites such as AliExpress.

First, you identify the product you want to sell and your supplier. List that product on eBay and when a sale occurs you buy it from your supplier and ask him to send it to your client.

Retail Arbitrage is to go shopping at stores like Walmart or Kmart, see products with discounts and check if you can resell them to make a profit. You buy the products and then you list them on eBay and when the sale is made you send the product. If this is done online then you would be doing drop shipping and retail arbitrage at the same time.

The disadvantages of eBay are:

High competition
The profit margins can be very small.
The returns of the products
Own traffic
Many Chinese sellers who are offering their products at very low prices.


Own traffic
Easy to start, without much investment.

Actually you can find on eBay many products at a very low price, for example an Amazon seller who wants to get rid of their products to avoid storage costs can list their products here at a very low price, or the Chinese distributors who directly offer their products on this platform, leaving out resellers out of competition.




Who has not heard from Shopify?

This is a huge platform where you can create, in a matter of minutes, an online store where you can sell your products.

There are thousands of stores created and that generate profits for their owners, and many are created every day.

The opportunity to make money on this platform is very good since it has many plugins with which you can modify your store in many ways, either visually or adding very specific functions.

One of the reasons why this platform is so popular is because of a plugin (Oberlo) with which you can list products in your store from the Aliexpress site (China platform with very cheap products) and be able to sell them without having to make an initial investment of stock. You only buy what you sell and from the Aliexpress site send it to your customer anywhere in the world. This is DropShipping.

It is incredible the number of young entrepreneurs who have started here and are generating thousands of dollars in profits, but not everything is honey on chips.

The vast majority of those who start do not manage to make enough sales to be sustainable since you have to pay for the traffic to your store. This is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time, as in the other e-commerce platforms.

In order to generate profits, you must sell enough to pay the cost of the products you sell, the cost of advertising and the cost of the platform and any plugin with a cost that you have (there are many that are free).

What are the costs?

The platform costs 29.99 per month. Once enrolled you have 15 days free with which you can make use of the platform.

Advertising costs vary, and you can spend a lot if you’re not careful.

Once you open your online store, the platform can provide you with a free name with extension, but it is best to register your own name for your store. You can do this from the same platform or you can register your name wherever you want, like GoDaddy or BlueHost

If you want to try this platform you can click here. This is a sponsored link which will generate profits for me if you decide to hire a plan within this platform, but if you decide to do it by another means it is fine.


Creation of POD products (Print On Demand)



The platforms that use POD work in the following way: you subscribe to them and upload your designs. When someone buys a product with your design, the company pays you royalties for your design.

You must think that if you do not know how to do graphic design you can not make money here, but nothing is further from the truth. The most important thing is that you have imagination, since many POD designs are just text (mainly printed on shirts), so you only need to know the basics to create a text image. If you want to see one of my only text t-shirt design follow this link.

You can use Photoshop or Illustrator, for those with more graphic design knowledge, but you can still use Canva or Photopea, two online programs. The second works very similar to Photoshop and is free.

There are also sites where you can download free graphics that you can use within your designs. Be careful because you can not use any graphic that you find on the internet, they must be free for commercial use.
The most popular platforms are Amazon and RedBubble.

To participate in Amazon you must request an invitation in Merch By Amazon. Once you receive it you can start uploading your designs. At first, you can only upload 10 designs, but when you sell 10 shirts you increase in the tier and you can upload up to 25 shirts. Equally, when selling 25 shirts you raise your tier and so on. In my case, I sold only one shirt before my tier was increased, so I am not sure if Amazon changed its policy to increase the tiers.

The biggest money is made once you have reached the tiers 500, 1000 or higher, since the more designs you have the higher your probability of selling a shirt, so this is a long-term business, where perseverance is the most important. You just have to be careful that the designs you upload do not contain images or text that have a trademark since, after a certain number of designs rejected by Amazon for this reason, you can have your account suspended.

RedBubble is a platform that sells internationally (my last sale here was from Finland), unlike Merch by Amazon, which currently only sells to customers in the USA and Canada (you can register from anywhere in the world).

In this platform, you can upload any number of designs, in addition to having a large number of products in which you can print your designs, not just shirts. Their list of products ranging from blouses, dresses, shirts, leggings, to handbags, wall clocks, cups, cushions, decorative fabrics and covers for PCs and cell phones. (Here is a link to one of my designs on this platform)

Affiliate marketing

This is one of the best ways to generate money online. Here what you have to do in this business model is to create a website and create blogs with which you can promote products or services with which you are previously registered, and if someone signs up or buys a product or service through your blog, they pay you a commission.

Imagine a blog where you review a blender. They perform tests and they tell you how it works and how good it is. In the end, they give you a link where you can buy it. If someone does buy it, the company that sells that blender will pay a commission to the creator of the blog.

In order to generate money, it is necessary to send traffic to your blog. You can do this in two different ways. The first and most recommended is to create traffic naturally through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which requires a little time, and the second is paid traffic.

You can generate a lot of money with this business model, only that it is by no means a method to get rich overnight. It requires perseverance and patience, but once you achieve it, it is highly comforting.

If you think creating websites is complicated, let me tell you that I started without knowing anything about this. I signed up on a site where, in addition to teaching me how to create websites, they provide me with all the tools to keep it online and techniques for marketing my blogs. This site is Wealthy Affiliate and here you will find everything you need to get started in the world of Affiliate Marketing. If you are interested in this business model, click on this link. You can register for free and learn the basics without any commitment. Once you finish the first lesson you must decide if you continue with the training or not, and here is where you can become a Premium member with a customary monthly fee.

<<<<My number one option to learn Affiliate Marketing>>>>

If you wish to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate before signing, read my article Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018, it has all the information that you may need to know.

Personally, I have dabbled in all the previous methods to make money online, and I am still doing it, so I know first hand what they are about.

You only need one thing to start making money online: TAKE ACTION.

I will make more focused articles soon, in which I will try to take you by the hand in case you are interested in venturing into this magical world that is the internet and how you can generate money online.

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  • Jacob

    I don’t always bookmark, but when I do, it’s done on quality posts like this one.

    I love the ideas on how to make money from home, and the idea of using POD products is incredibly interesting to me! I had heard you could sell designs like this, but the way you described it makes it very appealing.

    How did you get started using POD products?

    • Ruben Post author

      I got started with an e-commerce store. Within the Shopify platform, there are several POD companies that can be used in your store, being the most popular Printful and Teelaunch. After I saw the possibilities of this kind of business, I applied for an invitation to Merch by Amazon, which they replied a few weeks later.

    • Ruben Post author

      If you are interested in joining Merch by Amazon, one of the best platforms to sell your designs, you need to apply for an invitation. It can take some months before they reply, so better start now.

  • ShanLo

    Very useful post, it definetly is best to run your own business, I’ve been thinking of doing that for a while, especially with Amazon. Thanks for this!

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    I love this post! I haven’t seen many posts that cover off ecommerce and affiliate marketing so comprehensively. Really good information that I will use on my journey. Thank-you, Angie

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    Great post! You cover a lot of good points in each section. I like that you brought up storage fees, that’s not something I would think about before jumping in to start selling things.
    I also like the pros and cons sections. Would you consider putting some pros vs. cons. after the affiliate marketing part?
    Best of luck!