Mexico is a big country with a lot of places to travel, and is cheap. There is a lot of beach destinations that you can choose, like Acapulco or Los Cabos, but they are not the only ones.

The city of Mazatlán is my preferred beach destiny in Mexico (I was born here) and it has a lot of things that the others don’t, like the BEST sea food in all the country, the largest beaches and a high cultural life.

If you have already visited the city, you know what I`m talking about. Most visitors come back after their first visit. There is also a large US community living here because they fall in love with Mazatlán.

I will be explaining all the things you can do here, my preferred places to eat seafood, the small restaurants with tasty food, beaches locations, night life and the best hotels where you can enjoy your vacations. There are also several trailer parks for those who live on the road.

There is an international airport (RAFAEL BUELNA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) that you can use to arrive by airplane.

You will find that the people who live here are very friendly because the most important activity in Mazatlán is tourism.

Mazatlán is known as “La perla del Pacifico” (The Pacific Pearl). There are two important timeframes for visiting Mazatlán, one is the city`s Carnival in which people from all over Mexico and other countries come. It lasts a week and is full of events, like the Sunday`s parade which is one of the biggest in the world, 500 000 people or more are estimated to be present during the parade.

Another important timeframe is during Easter Holydays. During the second week of the Eastern Holydays is carried out the “Semana de la Moto” (Motorcycle week) and bikers from Mexico and some of the USA reunite and have several events like concerts, and that week`s Saturday they make a parade of over 20 000 motorcycles.

Mazatlán owns two Guinness records:

Largest Mural by an artist: This mural can be found on the north wall of The Mazatlán International Center and it was created by Ernesto Espiridion Rocha. It measures 1,678.43 m2 and was completed on October 6 2009.

Largest shrimp cocktail made in Mexico:

This was also achieved in the Mazatlán International Center and it was a 538.5 Kg of Shrimp Cocktail.

You can visit us anytime of the year and you will always find things to do or places to go, and I can promise you, where ever you come, you will find a warm weather, even in winter, so ready your shorts and bikinis.

So I will be making posts about all these and other important things related to Mazatlán.

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