Instagram influencers tutorial for Shopify Dropshipping and everything else.

You already have your store, now you have to send traffic to start selling. Many start directly with Facebook ads, but it is not advisable unless you are an expert in Facebook ads.

Facebook Pixel Data

Facebook Pixel Data

For the algorithm of Facebook to work well, it must have previously recorded information, so you need to install the Facebook pixel in your store (or website) before you start sending traffic to your site, no matter where this traffic comes from, Facebook will start to store data about who visits your site, and what actions they perform on it. Facebook ads will be another separate topic.

Once you have your pixel installed, you need to send traffic and one of the best ways to do it is through Instagram and its influencers.

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What are the Instagram influencers?

If you have an Instagram account, you’ve probably followed someone with a lot of followers, and you’ve occasionally seen them post some type of advertising on their account. This person is an influencer and lives from what people or companies pay to show their ads to their audience.

What services do they provide?

They can promote anything, like promoting another influencer who wants to acquire more followers, this is a shoutout, or advertising, in the form of an image or video, or something more subtle, such as images or videos of him using the sponsored product (this type of advertising is the one that works best)

How can I find Instagram influencers?

How to find Instagram Influencers

How to find Instagram Influencers

This procedure is much easier to do on a PC. You can enter the Instagram page in your browser. Once you have done it, in the search box write your niche. Since I like the pet niche, look for cats, and select the first result that appeared.

Influencer Account

Influencer Account

First I want you to analyze this image (I covered any personal data of that influencer). Can you see how many followers this account has? And also, do you see that Link on Bio sign? This is an influencer that is running a promotion on his account.

The next step would be for you to create an Excel sheet or a Google Sheet and begin to write down the name of the influencer’s account in order to contact them later.

See the arrow next to the name of the account? If you click here, a list of suggested accounts will open, which are similar to the account you opened. To each account that you believe could be an influencer, right click and select open in another tab, in this way you can review their data.

The first thing you should check is the number of followers. The ideal is that they have at least 10K. I have heard that some sellers have had good results with smaller accounts, but there is an Instagram feature that makes the 10K followers accounts better. Accounts that have at least this number of Instagram followers, Instagram enables the Swap Up feature in Instagram Stories (more information below).

You should also check if they are running any type of promotion, and in this way check that they accept advertising. If the link that they can put in their Bio points to an online store, then they accept paid promotions. Check if they have an email where you can send them a message since many of them prefer this medium to negotiate.

Enter the data of all the accounts that interest you to start contacting them, but first, you have to perform a review of their accounts to be sure that their followers are human and not a few bots.

How can I know if they don´t have fake Instagram followers?

Fake or Real Instagram Followers?

Fake or Real Instagram Followers?

Many new influencers are eager to start earning money. There are places where you can buy followers abound. But are they really followers? Of course not, they are only programs installed in interconnected cell phones with the objective of simulating a person, this is a bot. In addition, there are engagement clubs where the influencers support each other to make likes and comments on the posts of the members, and in this way improve the ranking of the Instagram account.

There is a page, Social Blade, which has been very helpful to distinguish good influencers from bad ones. On this page, you only have to write the name of the influencer’s account and you could see the number of followers, the number of follows and unfollows, and one of the most important tools to discern if they have bought followers or not, a graph of the number of followers in one year period. This graph is important because if you observe a steady growth in the numbers of followers, it is an indication that the account has no bots, but, if on the contrary, you observe almost vertical jumps, this is an indication that followers have almost certainly been bought and are fake Instagram followers.

Steady Instagram Followers Growth

Steady Instagram Followers Growth

Unfortunately, the Cambridge Analityca scandal has had consequences. As we know, Instagram is part of Facebook, and as a result of the scandal of data leakage from their accounts, they have changed their algorithms, and have taken the data access to Social Blade and everyone in general, or have limited them so much that It is not possible to download the important information from the Instagram accounts.

Currently, a message appears on the Instagram insight page:

Social Blade Instagram Stats Currently in Extended Maintenance Mode Due to FaceBook’s Privacy Issues Currently Being Reviewed By the US Government

And it is only showing data until April 2018. Hopefully, this problem is resolved because this tool has really helped many new entrepreneurs when choosing an Instagram account to make advertising on it and making certain that it reaches real people and not bots.

There is a parameter called Engagement and this is an indicator of how much influencers’ followers interact. The formula to get the engagement rate is to add the number of likes and comments and divide it between the number of posts and followers and multiply by 100 to get the percentage of engagement.

But you do not need to take out the calculator and start counting and adding the number of likes and comments, there is a page that has a free tool in which you only write the name of the Instagram account and it will give you the engagement of that account. That page is Phlanx.

Engagement Calculator for Instagram Influencers

Engagement Calculator for Instagram Influencers

With Social Blade out, we can only review the engagement and do an analysis of the account to try to detect inconsistencies that indicate purchase of followers (bots)

It is statistically proven that engagement decrease as the number of followers increases. The typical values are:

  • Less than 1000 followers 8%
  • From 1k to 10K followers 4%
  • From 10K to 100K followers 2.5%
  • From 100k to 1M followers 1.8%
  • From 1M to 10M followers 1.5%


If when you are reviewing an account you find very low values of engagement compared to the typical values, stay away from that account since most of the followers of that account are bots or this audience does not participate with the account (and probably will not do so with your advertising post).

If engagement values check, it’s time to move on to the next phase of the checkup.

Even if engagement checks, that´s not a solid proof that that account doesn´t have bots.

Unfortunately, likes can be bought too, and comments can be automated, that’s why we have to do three more things to verify the account.

First, check the comments. If the account only have one or two comments and it has many followers, then something does not check.

Second, check the quality of the comments. Sometimes they just put some letters to form an image with consecutive comments. This only inflates the number of comments and the engagement is not real. Also check that the comments are not just unique words like nice, awesome, great, lovely, etc. Surely these are comments generated by bots.

Third. Check the followers who make comments. Open as many accounts as necessary and verify that they are real people and not names of companies or accounts without posts or followers. Also check that most accounts are not private, as this may be an indication that they are bots.

I know it is a lot of work but If you don´t want to waste money with a bad influencer, this must be done.

How can I contact them?

If an email appears on their Bio, this is the best way to make the contact. If it only appears that you can contact them by Direct Message (DM), then write him by this means. Do not despair, many times they do not answer because they have not read the message (imagine how many messages they receive if they have many followers) or they are not interested in accepting paid advertising at the moment.

One technique that gives good results is to send the information both by email and DM, and at the same time leave a comment in the last of their posts telling them to check their messages or mail and that you want to hire them.

In the title, use a money or fire emoji, they are very striking and it is easier for them to see your message.

You should always be friendly and professional. Write them in the most formal way you can. A macho you could use would be:


🔥 Business Inquiry 🔥


I am the sales manager of the website name. Your Instagram account name of account fits our niche and we would like to do some paid advertising. Please reply with your rates.

Thank you for your time.

Your name


You never want to tell them that you are the SEO or owner because if you need to negotiate, you can tell them that you need to check the offer with your superior and you can buy time with this tactic to think about the proposal and reply with a counter offer if needed.

How much should I pay for their services?

There are two types of influencers accounts, those that belong to Celebrities and those that are general, do not represent a person but an interest or passion.

Advertising with influencers that are celebrities costs much more and is not the kind of advertising that Shopify Dropshipping stores normally use.

First, we have to classify the ways in which influencers can give us publicity. Normally the client asks the influencer for a space to publish his post. In general, these posts last 24 hours. This means that at the end of 24 hours the influencer can erase the advertising post of his account. In the posts you cannot include links to websites, but you can put your @username so that when someone clicks your @username, they are sent to your own Instagram page (Your shop or business, not your personal Instagram page) and in the bio of this page you will have the link of your webpage that you are promoting.

Also, the influencers can put your link in their own Bio, this is usually offered along with the post and this combination is the one that gives the best results.

Here are the average prices for a 24-hour Post and link on Bio



  • 10K<   5 USD
  • 10K – 100K   5-20 USD
  • 100K- 500k  20-40 USD
  • 500K –  1M  40-100 USD
  • 1M – 4M  100-200

These prices can vary a lot, depending on the influencer. Sometimes they justify having higher prices because of the high level of engagement they have, but you should always distrust and double check the accounts with indicators that are higher than the average, since it can be indicative that the influencer is part of an engagement group (where its members support themselves with likes and comments) or that they bought the likes.

TIP: Most of the visits originated by a post on Instagram are in the first 12 hours, so you can ask the influencer the price for a 12-hour post with a link on Bio included.

The other way Influencers can offer advertising is with Instagram Stories. Instagram enables the option of Swipe Up for the accounts with more than 10K followers, with this option you just swipe upwards on the screen of the cellphone to automatically activate the link that the influencer has written (your Weblink). This makes extremely easy for anyone to get traffic from people who see the story of the influencer.

Normally the cost of an Instagram Story is a little lower than the post of 24 hrs (the Story has a duration of 24 hrs).

Tip: If you have to choose between a 24 hrs post with a link on Bio or a Story for budget reasons, prefer the post. A person who sees the Post and is interested in what you are promoting will click on the @accountname and then from your Instagram Page, the person will click on your link to the page you are promoting. This person will do more work to reach your page and therefore will be more inclined to perform an action on it, as it is to buy what you are offering. However, for the public that comes from the Story it is very easy to get to your page and many times they only do it out of curiosity, they will not do many activities to get to your page, so they are not as committed as those who came through the post The quality of the public that arrives through the posts is greater than that of the public that arrives through the Story.


Image post or video post?

Video always engage more than an Image. If you can edit video clips then do your own video ads. If not, you can always go to Fiverr and find someone that can edit your video for a small price.

The Story Images or videos must be with a vertical orientation, 1080 x 1920. This can be tricky to do, but I will teach you an easy way in another article.

A small Instagram influencers list

Here is a small list of influencers that I searched for you. Always check their accounts before contacting them.








Home Decor






Using Instagram Influencers Marketing can give you fast results for your Shopify DropShipping Store, and as you progress and start getting sales, your Facebook Pixel will start getting data and after you get from 50 to 100 purchases on your store you can switch to Facebook Ads, and here you can start making big money consistently.

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