1.1.- First, let me tell you what Wealthy Affiliate is not:

1.2.- I am going to explain how you can make money online with affiliate marketing

1.3.- What do you get with your FREE subscription?

1.4.- What do you get when becoming Premium?

2.- Content

2.1.- First Level

2.2.- Second level

2.3.- Third level

2.4.- Forth Level

2.5.- Fifth Level

3.- Website features

4.- Hosting

5..- Keyword tool

6.- Community

7.- Support

8.- Honesty/trust

9.- Final Offer


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If you are here is because you are like me, looking for a way to make money online,  you don´t have any idea on how to do it, or you have not been able to reach your goals.

Well let me tell you that in Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn all that you need to be successful. Here is my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018



First, let me tell you what Wealthy Affiliate is not:

It´s not a scam: I have been there, looking for a place to learn how to make money online in an honest way. I have received many “Offers” exclaiming that I already have a 7,000.00 USD check waiting for me. The catch is that I only needed to send them my confirmation and give them my data. NO WAY. If something looks too good to be true it most likely IS too good to be true.

It´s not a get rich in one day(or two or three or …): You will find a great array of content to start learning, and at the same time, you can and must start practicing. It needs a lot of work, but you only need one thing: commitment.

It´s not a magic way of making money: If you were expecting that automatically you will start making money just by subscribing, then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you. If the things that are worth doing were always easy, then everybody would do them.

I am going to explain how you can make money online with affiliate marketing

How to make money online

How to make money online

You need to create a Website. In this Website, you will make articles that people will read. Some of these articles you will promote products. When a person clicks on the link of the product inside the article that you wrote, that person will go to the Website that sells that product, and if that person buys that product, then you will receive a commission. That´s how affiliate marketing works.

These are the steps that you need to take in order to earn money with affiliate marketing

Find a niche: If you have a hobby or something that you are passionate about, you can make money from it. Let`s say that you like motorcycles, then you can write articles for motorcycle riders and promote all kind of accessories for them like shirts, bandanas, mirrors for the bikes, etc.

Make a Website: Within Wealthy Affiliate, you will find all the knowledge and the tools that you need to build your website.  Your website will be your tool that you are going to use to start making money online.

Get traffic to your Website: If you have a store and nobody walks in, then you won´t be able to sell anything. With Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn all the techniques and tools that you need to send traffic to your website.

Make money on your Website: Once you have your Website and traffic is flowing to your site, then you can start making money. There are several ways for you to achieve this, and you can learn them from Wealthy Affiliate.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

It´s FREE to try (NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED). Once you finish your trial, you would then need to become a Premium member for $49.00 per month, or you can get a very substantial discount if you can pay the yearly fee.


What do you get with your FREE subscription?


Live help: First 7 days

Websites: 2 Websites

Website backup: Yes

Beginner training course: 1course, 10 lessons

Personal Affiliate Blog: Inside Wealthy Affiliate, for posting about your experiences on Affiliate Marketing and other important topics related to your life on Wealthy Affiliate experience.

Affiliate BootCamp Training: 1 course, 10 lessons

Video walkthroughs: Within your lessons.

Keyword search tool: 30 searches (Very important tool related on how to rank on Google)

Training classrooms: 2

Affiliate Program: Yes

Earn while you learn: Yes

One on one coaching: First 7 days

Cost: $0.00


What do you get when becoming Premium?


Live help: First 7 days ALWAYS

Websites: 2 Websites 50 Websites

Website backup: Yes

Web Security Package: Yes

Beginner training course: 10 lessons All courses (check on content for more insight)

Personal Affiliate Blog: Inside Wealthy Affiliate, for posting about your experiences on Affiliate Marketing and other important topics related to your life on Wealthy Affiliate experience.

Affiliate BootCamp Training: 10 lessons All courses (check on content for more insight)

Live Video Classes: Yes (Every week you get one plus you can replay ALL previous Video classes).

Video walkthroughs: Within your lessons.

Keyword search tool: 30 searches  Unlimited. (Very important tool related on how to rank on Google)

Training classrooms: 2 12

Affiliate Program: Yes

Earn while you learn: Yes

One on one coaching: First 7 days Unlimited

Private access to owners: Yes. Kyle and Carson (the owners) are very accessible and will help you with any problem that the support team can´t resolve.

24/7/364 Website support: Yes (Always get help with your site)

Website feedback platform: Yes. Here you can ask the members of this community about their opinion about your site, how it looks and how you can improve it.

Website comment platform: Yes. This is a platform where fellow members of Wealthy Affiliate can make comments on your blogs. You´ll have to do the same for them.  🙂

Website Analysis: Yes

Best Suited For: Those ready to take action and start earning money online

Cost: $49.00 per month

As you can see, once you get to know Wealthy Affiliate, you will be craving to become a Premium Member. Join now! Remember it is completely FREE to try and you won´t need a credit card to start. Once you become familiar with this community you will have to make a very crucial decision. If you are ready to take action then I know that you will join us.



Still not convinced?

Here is my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 section by section



Here are the meat and bone of Wealthy Affiliate. Let me discuss what you will be learning if you join this great community.


Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started Level 1


First level of Entrepreneur certification

  1. Getting Rolling
  2. Understanding How to Make Money Online
  3. Choose a niche
  4. Building your Own Niche Website
  5. Setting Up your Website
  6. Getting your site ready for search engines
  7. Creating Your initial website content
  8. Creating Custom menus on your Website
  9. Understanding Keywords, the start of your …
  10. Congratulations and your next steps.


Course Benefits

  • Learn how to immediately get immersed in the awesome community here at WA
  • Create and start working towards a list of new financial goals.
  • Choose your starting point niche for your business.
  • Be able to optimize your Blogsite with  WordPress tools.
  • Learn how to create quality articles content (the kind that ranks fastest on search engines)
  • Quickly and easy creation of your own keyword lists
  • Discover the process of earning money online
  • Gain instant access to over 600,000 niches
  • Build your own website
  • A simple and free way of making your site engine friendly
  • Understanding the keyword research process.



Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website Level 2


Second level of Entrepreneur certification

  1. Your own Domain, your Brand
  2. Move On Over, My Brand has arrived
  3. Creating Keyword Rich Content
  4. Setting a Domain Specific Email Account
  5. The traffic Breakdown
  6. Making use of visuals
  7. Understanding the low hanging fruit
  8. Making face as a real person
  9. Amplifying your Google love with …
  10. Boosting your WA ranks


Course benefits

  • Understanding the principles of website traffic
  • Choosing a Domain that is ready for success
  • Setting your specific Domain Email address
  • Creating content that converts
  • Making your content Beautiful engaging
  • Getting loads of traffic from product reviews
  • Transferring your website to your own domain
  • building an experience that is user based
  • Getting unlimited traffic from low hanging fruit
  • Become proficient Using the WordPress editor
  • Creating content that targets affiliate programs


Online Entrepreneur Certification - Making Money! Level 3


Third level of Entrepreneur certification

  1. Understanding the Money in Online Business
  2. Understanding Affiliate Programs and networks
  3. Relevant Affiliate programs are everywhere
  4. Adding affiliate links to your pages
  5. Instant access to millions of products
  6. Leveraging product reviews
  7. getting paid for ads on your site
  8. earning pennies or dollars?
  9. A brilliant way to track and understand your …
  10. With help comes Financial success


Course benefits

  • Learn the “customer purchase lifecycle”
  • How to earn money through Affiliate programs in your chosen niche
  • Learn the benefits of affiliate networks
  • How to effectively incorporate affiliate links into your Website
  • Leveraging affiliate promo materials (images & banners)
  • How to add “shopping” widgets to your website
  • How to get INSTANT access to product news within your industry
  • Using publishing network alternatives to your advantage
  • Earning revenue through singular product reviews
  • Understanding the NUMBERS associated with a lucrative business in the online world
  • Be able to have MILLIONS of products that you can promote within every niche you can think of.
  • Monetizing product reviews on your website
  • How to benefit from Google Adsense on your site
  • Understanding the difference between earning big commissions or working for pennies on your site
  • A tricky advertising technique that very few people know about


Online Entrepreneur Certification - Mastering Social Engagement Level 4


Fourth level of Entrepreneur certification

  1. What does social engagement mean to your …
  2. Making your website a place to engage
  3. Using Facebook the right way
  4. Pinterest and the visual social hemisphere
  5. Incorporating a sound tweeting campaign
  6. Google Plus or minus?
  7. The benefit of being social at WA
  8. Make your campaigns social branding animals
  9. Using the Wealthy Affiliate Social Comunity
  10. You can not be a master of everything


Course benefits

  • Social marketing and the benefits for your business
  • Making your website a place to engage
  • How to become a Facebook powerhouse
  • Using visuals to attract a following
  • How to Twittersphere really works and how you can benefit from it
  • Easy simple and effective ways to earn from sharing
  • how and when to go into share only mode
  • Why social engagement is more important than social marketing
  • How you can share your content in a way that will get more engagement.
  • Understanding Facebook Edge-Rank
  • Using Pinterest to explode your campaigns
  • How to compose an effective tweet
  • How you can implement Google Authorship to get your Brand rolling.
  • How to earn consistent revenue by socializing here at WA
  • When is right and wrong to use a social medium
  • Setting yourself up for a lifetime of social engagement and success


The Business of Content - Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation Level 5


Fifth and last level of Entrepreneur certification

  1. Content is your business
  2. Setting Google webmaster tools
  3. Improving indexing times and speeds
  4. people need to read your content
  5. A year is a short period of time, yet big…
  6. Writing within a devised plan architecture
  7. Writing your content with conversion intent
  8. Injecting comments with intent
  9. Bing, Yahoo, they are still the 33%
  10. Articulate a plan for the months and years to come


Course benefits

  • Content production and how to do so efficiently
  • Going from content to conversions
  • Getting people to actually read and engage in your content
  • A reveal and analysis of real-life conversions
  • A long-term strategy session for a brilliant website
  • Creating visually appealing content
  • Using webmaster tools and the benefit to your business
  • Think on the future, start planning your content so you will never get out of ideas
  • Google is not the only search engine, start ranking on the other important ones like Bing and Yahoo
  • How to properly outsource aspects of your content production
  • scaling your content, rankings, and traffic in a communicative way


Wow, and this is only the Online Entrepreneur certification. There is also the BOOTCAMP PROGRAM that has 7 PHASES each with several lessons.

And then there are the LIVE VIDEO CLASSES, which you can replay anytime you want.

Here are some of the Live Video Classes

Live Video Classes

Live Video Classes

Here I am going to share with you one of them, so you have an idea of what you will get when joining Wealthy Affiliate. Just click on the link below.





Website features Wealthy Affiliate

Website features Wealthy Affiliate

Grow your business as much as you can. You will never be out of capacity, you can have up to 50 Websites!

While you are growing your experience and getting better at making profitable websites, you can make another one or two or more Websites. There is no other place where you can do this kind of thing for the price that you have here.

Choose the design that you want for your Website:

The number of different WordPress Themes is about 3000, so you can choose from a great variety of designs so chose the ones that are more aligned with your style.

A lot of ADD-ONS to enhance your Website

There are 51,973  add-ons or plug-ins available to use. If you need a specific characteristic on your website, you can be sure that you will find it. Every day more and more plug-ins are added for free. You will never be out of options.

Site Domains

When you subscribe for free you can have up to two free websites, each one with one free Domain. The free domain is in the form of yourname.siterubix.com. Once you have created your custom domain, you can purchase it through WA. As a premium member you get exclusive benefits like 24/7 website support, unlimited email accounts, and Advanced DNS management and setup. With these tools at your benefit, you will be well on your way to grow your brand. You can buy your Domain name outside of Wealthy Affiliate too, it is very easy to integrate it on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Site speed

With site speed feature Wealthy Affiliate position itself among the fastest Hosting Companies. The faster your website is the higher and quicker it can rank in search engines.

Site Protect

On Wealthy Affiliate, the tech guys take very serious Security, and they have created a platform that takes care of all possible problems like Spam protection, DoS attacks, and Back Office hacking (passwords). You can rest knowing that your business is in good hands.

Site + wealthy Affiliate

Site + wealthy Affiliate

Site Health. Website analysis

WA has special tools that help you gauge how your website performs you so you can better improve it. It is very important that you have an active role in your website’s growth by continuously writing more content, reviewing and replying to comments received, monitoring your plug-ins, watching your rank in Google, etc. With this tool, it makes all of these tasks much simpler. Checking your health site data is very important.

Site comments

Comments are very important; they show the search engines the social engagement that your blogs have. Within Wealthy Affiliate, you make comments on other´s blogs and in return they will make comments on your blog too. It is a win-win platform

Site feedback

There are several experienced members that can help you if you request a feedback. Sometimes we don´t see the errors that we can make on our Website or on our posts, so an impartial point of view is very important and the constructive critic is a must so we can evolve our Websites.

Advanced website training

There are many hours of video training and a lot of modules of training so you can become an expert on WordPress, and the best part is that you don´t need to be a geek or tech person to understand all the quirks to dominate WordPress.

Site SSL ( Free SSL certificates WebSite encryption)

SSL certificates make Websites secure on information exchange, and the websites that have SSL implemented are usually ranked better than the ones that don´t have them. This is usually a paid feature of Web hosting companies but is completely free on Wealthy Affiliate for all of its Premium members.


As you can see there are a lot of features and benefits that you get with Wealthy Affiliate, and all of them are included in your monthly subscription. You won’t get all these features elsewhere for this price.




wealthy Affiliate servers

24/7 Managed Monitoring

There is a permanent server team watching the health and performance of the websites all day, all night, and every day of the week.


24/7 Automated monitoring

The server team also makes sure that the automated monitoring runs correctly too. This automated platform looks for potentially critical issues and deals with them on their own before problems arise.


24/7/364 Site support and average response is under 5 minutes

Wealthy Affiliate is a global community, so there is never a “rest hour”, There will always be someone available because the community never sleeps for it is a worldwide community. No matter where you live in the world, no matter the time zone, there will always be someone to answer your questions. This also goes for the tech staff and they can resolve any technical problem no matter the time.


Virus and malware protection

There are several layers of protection inside the servers that wealthy affiliate uses. Any malware or virus trying to get through any Website will be dealt with. Security is one of the most important aspects of Wealthy Affiliate.

Powerful Servers, Powerful sites.

The servers that wealthy Affiliate uses for all the hosting are very powerful, and not only are powerful, they are very fast. You will get the best performance you can get from your website for the fraction of money that you would pay for the same service in another hosting company.


The hosting features that Wealthy Affiliate has for all the websites that are hosted here equals that of the most high-end hosting companies. If you go with premium membership, they are all included in your monthly payment.






Keywords, the heart of your business

Search engines use keywords (the words that usually the internet travelers use when looking for something on the search engines). They are very important, and the more Websites use the same keyword, then that keyword will be more competitive. The more competitive a keyword is the more difficult for a new post that uses this keyword is to rank on the first places of the search engines, and also more expensive that keyword will be with paid traffic (PPC).

Inside Wealthy Affiliate is a KeyWord tool that analyzes how competitive a word is and how many times it is used on search engines.


Discovery of niches

The keyword tool can be used to find very select niches, that maybe doesn´t have so many traffic but have a steady fan base (low hanging fruit) and is not as competitive as other niches.


Keyword competition data

With the data that the keyword tool generates you can make informed decisions on what keywords you can use for your posts.


Keyword analysis

With the keyword tool, you will be given instant data that you can use to know how good that keyword will be for SEO or for PPC paid traffic.


Keyword lists

All the keywords that you find that are good for your purposes can be stored in lists that you can create, so you don´t need to research them again, and can be used on posts that you make at a later time.


The keyword tool is a great asset to Wealthy Affiliate, and it really is a very helpful tool that can help you make wise decisions on what keywords to use in your posts. My only problem is that within Wealthy Affiliate is a high-end version of this tool, but is a paid one, is not included in the Premium membership, and I would hope that it was. Well, Wealthy Affiliate is already giving so much to us that I can´t complain.





wealthy Affiliate community

Wealthy Affiliate community

Help all the time

With people from all around the world, there will always be someone around, and, believe me, this is a very supportive community, most of us are willing to help any way we can to any new member or advance member with very specific problems, it doesn`t matter.


Huge membership base

Wealthy Affiliate has around one million Premium Members. This really is a big community and is even bigger than most cities in the world. This is by far the largest community of Affiliate marketing members of the world.


Support from experts

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you can communicate with any member in different ways, on the different platforms that wealthy affiliate has, or by Private Message. If you have a problem the chances that other member had already been there is very high, so you can search and ask for help directly.


Ambassadorship Program Access 

The more a member helps the community, the higher that member will rank within Wealthy Affiliate, and this has its own benefits. You can reach the rank of Ambassador and you will receive some special benefits for this achievement. The good deeds are not unnoticed in the Wealthy Affiliate community.


I have already needed the help of this community, and everybody was very helpful. Also, you will make some friends that you can give or receive support. This is indeed the best learning community in the world.




Support Wealthy Affiliate

Support Wealthy Affiliate

Answers to questions and instant support all the time

There is an incredible platform inside Wealthy Affiliate, and that is the LIVE CHAT. Because Wealthy Affiliate is a global community, there will be always someone around. Here the members can exchange information and tips live. When someone has a problem, inside the LIVE CHAT a warning that says that a member needs help arises, and anyone around will help that member. This is a very efficient method to get help very fast from other members.


Hosting support in less than 5 minutes

If what you want is to contact the support team, they will reply in less than 5 minutes, it doesn´t matter what topic you need help with. I have done this and the support performance is great.


Mentoring from founders

You might think that the owners, being, well, the owners, they wouldn’t bother with interacting with the members and listen to their problems. This is not the case. They are very supportive, and if for any reason the support team couldn´t resolve your issue, they definitely will.


Industry experts

Many successful entrepreneurs in many fields have been Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate for quite some time, and they come and visit Wealthy Affiliate on a daily basis. All the members can contact them in search of advice.


Website/Wordpress support

Outside all the Wealthy Affiliate perks, there is the Siterubix platform. Here is where all the WordPress magic happens. It is full of technical guys and many Theme and Plug-ins developers visit this community. Here you can ask for help and very skilled people will help you.


As a Premium Member, I have used the different ways of support that Wealthy Affiliate offers, and they have never let me down. There is only praises for the support team and for all the supportive community that Wealthy Affiliate has.




I have had some experiences with other online programs. Some of them offer the moon and stars but were very weak on their content (and expensive).

Others were very shady, offering that I would be rich in a few days. One even sent me a mail stating that I had $7,000.00 waiting for me, just like that. They only needed my credit card information so they could pay the subscription fee. 

What I have found here on Wealthy Affiliate is only transparency and straightness. Being a member of this community has been one of my best decisions.



Final Offer

I have a great offer for you. If you subscribe from the link below, your first monthly payment will only be 19.00 USD. 

Besides, if you managed to read this far it is because you really are interested in taking action, so I know that you will subscribe.





About Ruben

I was born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. I am an Electronic Engineer and father of three beautiful kids, two males and one female. I like movies, tv series and console games. I am an entrepreneur and blogger and I want to help people to realize their dreams.

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16 thoughts on “WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW 2018

  • Bobbi

    Amazing post, I am definitely thinking about getting in the affiliate marketing business full-time and this program seems to offer lots of training and the community aspect, I love. Thank you for giving so much detail and information about the program.

  • Marlinda

    Nice breakdown and info about Wealthy Affiliate. I agree that it is an awesome community. There are so many things that you can do with the knowledge gained here that it’s something everyone should at LEAST give a try! tfs 🙂 Marlinda

  • Matts Mom

    Wow, great information on Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up with them about 8 years ago. Back then I had been scammed so many times, that I guess I didn’t give them a try. I kind of lumped them in the same basket with the scams. Fast forward to today, and I have been researching them again. They are still around and they have tons of great reviews. How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate, and how has your experience been?

    • Ruben Post author

      I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for seven months, and I have learned so much, and I know that I still have to learn a lot more. The experience has been great, one of my best decisions so far.

  • Byron1949

    Ruben, good grief! What an amazingly full post! As a new member of WA myself, I found your summary of the learning program’s first five levels to be very helpful. I am on the 7th step of level 2 so I have a long way to go. Reading your post does a great job of inviting the reader into the process. Well done!

  • Alex

    Wow, this was an excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate. You held nothing back and laid out all it has to offer. I really like the community aspect of the program. To achieve anything, you need supporters. I like that Wealthy Affiliate offers that. Most online programs are superficial, but at WA it is not like that. Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  • Kevin McNamara

    Hi Ruben,

    The most thorough post I have ever seen on Wealthy Affiliate! Well done. I joined a few months back and a lot of this stuff even I didn’t know! Thanks for sharing it. It really is a great community of people and they are all helping and supporting each other.

    I would encourage anyone who is yet to join to seriously consider it. I do a lot of videos on Youtube and it really helps with those too.

    Thanks for an honest and brilliant review,


  • Kaya

    Excellent review. Wealthy Affiliate really is the best tool to use if you are trying to build a website and get your business up and running. Highly recommended. Thanks for posting!

  • sergino

    Hi,Ruben,Happy to read your review about WA, so very informative …So my english is not good, i’m living in a french country ven now,so do you think i could succeed if i sign up , learn and take action everydays with poor english like mine?Can i create website in french with the knowledge i will gain in wa, thanks,waiting for your quick answer,bro!

    • Ruben Post author

      Of course, you can. As long as you can understand the lessons (they are in English) you can make your website in any language. I hope to see you inside WA