I have to admit I am overweight. Not a little bit. Have you ever face a problem like the picture above shows? Yes, the weight meter marks error. (I took that picture).

So I am going to investigate everything I need to Know about losing weight and I am going to share it with anyone who follows me on this blog.

There is no easy way to achieve the best results, I know I am going to work hard, but I am confident I will reach the results that I want.

One thing that I won`t do is to take pills to decrease hunger, I`m all natural here because with a well balance exercise plan and a good diet, plus some natural remedies like teas or special food, I know I can lose weight fast.

And I`m not only going to lose weight, I`m going to get fit, I need to do a lot more exercise, I feel my muscles to get thinner and I can`t let that happen.

If you are in the same position than me, please fallow my advices and I`m sure we can reach our goals. The first thing we need is “to want to change” and never lose sight of our goals.

Your friend


Update 31/05/2017

Since I started blogging in this website I been trying to do all the advices that I´m giving and have a healthier diet.

well, today I can tell you that it is working. As you can see in my featured image the weight meter is showing err because it can only measure up to 150 Kg.

So this is my latest weight

My weight

My weight

So my next goal is to measure 140 kg. As soon as I get there i will update this page.