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This is an article part of the Shopify series, my previews ones are SHOPIFY PART ONE: WHAT ARE SHOPIFY AND DROPSHIPPING? and SHOPIFY PART TWO: CREATE A NICHE OR GENERAL STORE?

What products will you sell on your online store? This is one of the most important decisions when creating your store. If you have already decided what type of store you are going to have, niche store or General Store, then it is time to start selecting the products for sale.

There are several places where you can outsource products. The one that the vast majority of entrepreneurs use, for the ease of adding them to the store (with the Oberlo Plugin) and for the price, is Aliexpress.


This is a Chinese platform where thousands of products are offered at very low prices, and thanks to a United States post agreement with the Chinese postal system, shipments are relatively quick to the US (two weeks in general) with Epacket and the shipping cost is really low.

And what products should I choose?

The products that are most likely to sell well are those that:

  • They can not be easily obtained at the corner store.
  • They solve a problem.
  • They have a high fan base that would buy that product.

If the product you chose meets at least one of the three above characteristics, it will be possible to sell it well in an online store.

I will give a typical example: If you want to sell a dog collar, why would someone buy it if you can get one easily in local stores? Now, if instead of a dog collar you sell a dog collar that shines in the dark, then the situation changes. In addition, this product has at least two approaches from where you can sell it, one is that they look beautiful, and the other is that they can save your pet’s life by being more visible at night and that the drivers will see your pet easily and so they can avoid a trampling.

Being able to solve a problem is probably the most important feature that should have the products you choose for your online store.

At what price should You sell your products?

As a rule of thumb, the product you choose for sale must be sold at triple the original price.

Yes, you read well, triple.


As an entrepreneur, you have several expenses with your store, such as paid advertising for marketing, the cost of the store, the costs of operations and the cost of the product itself.

If you wonder why a person would pay triple for a product that he or she herself can get on the same platform, here is the answer:

  • You will be responsible for any guarantee with your client, they pay for security, and the vast majority prefer to buy in an online store based on any country other than China, even if the price is higher.
  • The vast majority ignores this platform (at least in North America) and even if they know it, they distrust it for being from China
  • The vast majority of people do not conduct an investigation of the prices of the products if it is in the range of 1 to 50 USD. If they see something they like, they buy it and that’s it.

The perceived value of the product must be similar to the sale price. You achieve this with a good product presentation page, where you show your product´s benefits and having quality images of the product.

As I mentioned in my previous article, do not add many products to your store. Select up to 10 products and start promoting them. This will be the subject of my next article.

Preferable, select products whose value is between 10 and 30 USD, since in this way the price of your products will be between 30 and 90 USD. Products that sell between 30 and 50 USD are usually easier to sell, customers do not think much about it, but if you sell products above 100 USD, customers will probably over think the purchase.

There are some products that I personally prefer to stay away because of the number of problems that they can have. These products are:


  1. Electronic products. Electronics are very fragile and they can be damaged on transport, if you can avoid them, better, if not, check well the feedback of the seller.
  2. Fragile Products: If you sell products with glass or any other fragile material, it is likely to be damaged at arrival (remember, they are coming all the way from China), and as I said before, you are responsible to your client for any damage or loss of the product that they purchased, so you will have to deal with the supplier and you must reimburse your client immediately.
  3. Products with sizes: The clothing and footwear products can be very problematic, first because the oriental sizes are different to the sizes of North America, they are way smaller, so the client must be very careful in selecting the size (almost never is) and even if your client made the right selection, there are chances that the cloth or shoe product does not fit well on him or her or just that your client did not like the product once he o her tried it on.
  4. Products with TradeMarking: won’t you love to sell Sweaters or shirts with the Avengers printed on them? From China? You will have serious problems if you try to sell products like these, and a fine will probably come your way, don´t try your luck with this kind of products.
  5. Oversized Products: The bigger the product is, the most expensive the shipping will be.

I love the pet niche, so I am going to make an example in this niche.


If you type Dog Collars on the search bar on Aliexpress, you will get several products that you can sell. First, click on the orders button to sort the results by the number of orders that that product has.


From this list, the first product is a glowing collard. You will want that your product has several orders, that means that it is selling well. Next check the feedback votes. Everything from 4.7 stars and above is good. ( I have high standards, You won´t like to sell junk products, your clients won´t like them)

Also, you want to make sure that Epacket shipping option is available. If not, don´t worry, every good product can have several providers, just look for another seller that has good feedback and Epacket shipping option.

Next, click on the feedback tab and select the one-star reviews to check what kind of problems that product has.

Shopify Dropshipping Aliexpress

First, you want to see if the seller replies to the customers. If not, it means that they have poor customer service.

Second, look for product quality problems. It may be normal that a small number of products to have quality problems, but if you see a lot of complaints, stay away from this product.

If everything checks, then go ahead and add your product to your online store. If not, check another product/supplier.

Now you are ready to start your Shopify Store, Click the link below to subscribe to Shopify with a 14 days FREE TRIAL


In my next article, I will explain how you can start marketing your products using Instagram Influencers. This article will help you to understand how to promote products or services very easy and very fast.

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Shopify Dropshipping Aliexpress




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6 thoughts on “Shopify Part Three: What are the best products for Dropshipping

  • Craig

    Charging triple the cost of the product does seem like a hefty chunk of money, but at the same time I suppose it depends on the base price of the product. If a product is pretty cheap to begin with then triple the price of it doesn’t much matter.

    I was very interested to see your note on the US having agreements with China to speed along the shipping of specific products, that does indeed make this a lot more palatable from a timeline standpoint.

    Are you aware of any decent methods for getting products to Canada?

    • Ruben Post author

      Epacket works with several countries, Canada included. When selecting your product just change the shipping country to Canada and see if the supplier offers Epacket as an option.

  • Keri

    I certainly learned a lot about shopify, as I went back to the prior two posts. I have ordered from AliExpress before and had not considered them. Thanks for the post.

    • Ruben Post author

      Aliexpress is the foundation of so many online stores. This is only the first step to build a big business. The second step will be to buy Wholesale the best selling products and then finding a USA warehouse and start distributing your products from the USA.

  • Vicki Crawford

    Interesting site Lots of really good information for new entrepreneurs looking to open an E-commerce Store. Marketing is a big problem for newbies, what are the types of paid traffic that you suggest for an E-commerce store?

    • Ruben Post author

      Almost every new entrepreneur jumps right into Facebook Adds, but, when you are just starting, your pixel is clean (Facebook tracking). The algorithm of Facebook needs data to work properly. The best way is to start promoting products through Instagram influencers, you can get data real fast this way, and after you make your first sales, you can jump to Facebook Adds.